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Leo Verachtert (11/11/44), living in Turnhout, became interested in the visual arts as an architectural draughtsman.

He followed the lessons in "sculpture" at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Turnhout.

There he learned the techniques of modelling people and the casting techniques with plaster moulds to the finished sculpture in refractory aluminium cement.

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Leo Verachtert makes sculptures in ceramics whereby the various types of clay are baked at very high temperatures, usually up to 1200 degrees, which makes them frost-proof.

He usually uses Witgert clay from Oberwesterwald in Germany or, for larger works, he prefers coarse Chamotte clay from Valabregue, a brick factory in Bollène. (between Montélimar and Orange)

Most of the sculptures are treated with a two-component varnish in a bronze patina.

His works cover various themes, but especially the human body in its natural pure form comes to the fore, modelled on a live model or photograph.

In addition, he creates playful figures and human beings, sublimely stylised and abstracted, whereby the little beings in their unbelievable simplicity tell their own story and leave a strong impression. You can dream away and experience their humour. The surreal little men consist of various mixed and coloured types of Witgert clay with sparsely applied oxides and glazes.

Man in all his facets with emotion and harmony remains his source of inspiration.

For many years, Leo lived with his wife in a holiday resort at the foot of Mont Ventoux in Provence. There, he gave annual introductory courses in "modelling" to international guests.

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